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Have a second income? Watch out for HMRC…

We’ve helped publicise a warning from Gloucestershire accountancy practice RiverView Portfolio – the added value accountants.

Senior consultant Mark Barrett has advised people who make a bit of money on the side – maybe selling craft, coaching a sport, giving guitar lessons – that all second income is liable for taxation!

HMRC has launched a new “awareness campagin”. In other words, they’re clamping down. He knows his onions, does Mark Barrett. If you have any questions, we suggest you give his Cheltenham office a call on 01242 504827.

Here’s a selection of the coverage we achieved, in the Gloucestershire Echo, the Gloucester Citizen, the Wiltshire & Gloucestershire Standard and on SouthWestBusiness.–senior-consultant-at-riverview-portfolio—second-incomes-could-land-you-in-trouble-with-the-tax-man/