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A simple formula

Back in the noughties you’d have found Rupert Janisch pounding the streets of Bristol, cutting his teeth in journalism and finding scoops for the Bristol Post. Rupert met scores of frustrated business people. People frustrated by feeling they weren’t newsworthy, frustrated by PR agencies astronomical bills, frustrated by ambiguous results. This experience inspired Rupert to found Elmhay in 2010.

Rupert set about creating a new way to do PR. He found a simple formula. It works by finding your story, telling it in a way which fits your brand, and making sure it gets published. Good words, good pictures, good contacts. That’s all it takes.

Real results

With that clarity Rupert cut away all of the peripheral noise and nonsense which so often goes with PR. It is not a numbers game; we don’t pepper the world with a pre-determined schedule of press releases until something “sticks”. We use foresight, great relationships with journalists, and create content which the media actually asks to receive. Something which stands out from the industry clutter which compromises the whole PR/journalist relationship.

At Elmhay we’ve rapidly grown our client base simply because people are impressed with our results, they stick with us, and tell their friends. We have an incredibly high success rate in getting media coverage. Today Elmhay works across the South West, and in London, with a growing team of talented PR people continuing to push that simple formula to bring ever better results. Rupert is still closely involved with every client and always on hand.

Elmhay can save you money

With lower overheads, we offer you a big agency service without the big agency price tag. We don’t have plush offices or heaps of support staff. And sorry, there are no expensive lunches. You might call it no thrills but that’d be wrong. We know the only thrill you need is getting your company name in front of the mass audiences you want to become known to. And that is our sole focus.

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