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Rupert Janisch has a degree in English Literature and Language from the University of Leeds, and a post-graduate Diploma in Journalism.

Prior to PR, his career spanned a stint working as a trainee in London before several years on regional newspapers, eventually specialising in business, transport and the environment, with experience in newsroom and editorial management.

But at some point, shortly between marriage and children, he decided he’d rather make a name for other people than for himself.

A bit of flair, some honesty and talent, a love of the English language (and Latin A-Level, really…) – those are the raw materials. The buzz? Getting clients brand awareness, either through press coverage or other means, over and over again. It never loses its appeal.

The confidence to be honest, not blowing one’s own trumpet (too much, anyway) and hating the idea of disappointing someone who has given over their trust.

Life and business isn’t rocket science. We have no interest in making it appear so.